Bingo – Online Fiesta

Recent improvements to Spain’s broadband infrastructure and internet technology have proven to be key reasons, as Spanish players are now starting to trust onilne bingo sites more and more. However, there is a more cultural connection between online bingo and Spain’s bingo players.

Initially Spanish bingo players were not sure whether to use their credit card or even pay at all, when visiting online bingo sites. Paying to play a bingo game (or “juego de bingo”) is also not necessarily how Spanish people expect to obtain their entertainment. However, bingo sites that now offer various payment methods, show photographs of bingo winners, together with “tickers” updating player wins and updating bingo jackpots are now providing the level of trust that is necessary to entice Spanish bingo players. These things are helping players to make the cross-over from land based bingo to online, and more importantly, start paying to play.

Paying to play bingo is really the only way you can achieve a high level of jackpots. Free bingo games do not offer the level of jackpots that you can achieve with pay as you play sites. While initially many Spanish players were visiting bingo sites, many were reluctant to deposit any money in order to play, that is now changing.

Deposits to online bingo sites are on the up. The Spanish player is now being drawn more than ever to online bingo sites. So what is the additional reason for the increase.

You only have to walk down the streets of Spain’s pueblos or inner towns to see that Spain’s party culture is very much alive, and in some ways different from parties in English speaking countries. The Spanish have flamenco, salsa, and many other types of music and dancing. It is a wonderful cultural experience to watch these types of dancing and hear their music.

Spanish bingo sites provide a similar cultural element in keeping with other Spanish traditions such as fiestas, music and partying. They offer a great level of social interaction and fun, and with the Spanish culture being all about fun, music and social interaction, you can see how bingo fits in with the big picture. Bingo is great for meeting people, spending the night talking to friends, and playing games. Couple that with the chance to win money and you have a great recipe for a fiesta.

Spanish bingo sites like Juega Bingo Ya offer you to try your luck (or “juega tu suerte”) while enjoying other fun games, chat room games and chatting with your friends. A night in with online bingo is much a fiesta, only perhaps without the flamenco dancing. Although you may be dancing around your home all night if you win one of the big jackpots now available on the many Spanish bingo sites that are out there.

Many bingo sites are designed to offer a fun party atmosphere, with bright colours, flashing lights, graphics and fun entertaining options. They allow you to share photographs of players, communicate using the chat room functions, and offer promotions with fun prizes, not just money, but prizes that are designed to reflect Spanish traditions.

So could bingo become part of Spanish culture as it has much of the culture in the UK. Well, the St Minver bingo network has seen an increase in 40% over the past year, and its Spanish contingency has come to form the largest part of its European bingo network, outside of the UK. Spain is hot on the heels of the UK in terms of player numbers and deposits.

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